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Prettiest Products with Positive Messages (Part 5)

Whatever I resolve to do in January, I often forget to do by February.

Maybe this year, decorating the house with reminders of goals and dreams could make it easier to remember and prioritize them. Here and there around my home, I’ve placed plaques, tchotchkes, artwork, books and ripped-out pages from magazines (hint: the “Live Your Best Life Life” page from Oprah’s O magazine looks fantastic on the fridge!) that feature quotations and eye candy.

If you’re like me and looking for ways to surround yourself with inspiration in 2013, here’s the latest in what could become an ongoing series about places to find products with quotations and positive messages.

Recently I found a few at my local Hallmark store. For example:

Eat Your Peas books







This collection of Eat Your Peas books

Colorful Devotions by Holly Christine







Signs by Holly Christine of Colorful Devotions

And of course, many angel figurines and pocket tokens with words of wisdom. The delight of the day, though, was discovering the Yoda light pictured below. OK, maybe Yoda isn’t “pretty” in the traditional sense, but he rocks his inner beauty, does he not? (Side note: favorite Yoda scene from Star Wars is when he uses the Force to lift an X-wing from the bog and Luke says, “I don’t, I don’t believe it.” Yoda replies, “That is why you fail.”)

Yoda Do or Do Not

On that note, I wish you belief in beautiful new possibilities and success in 2013! Hope you have enjoyed these ideas for places to find pretty products with positive messages, gifts with quotations, and other doo-dads with words of wisdom.

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