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Five Prettiest Products with Positive Messages, Part 2

Want to give encouragement and inspiration this holiday season? Let the Prettiest Products with Positive Messages series be one of your gift guides. A good excuse to make a cup of tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and browse.

A few weeks ago, the series began with Kathy Bransfield necklaces. Here’s another favorite source for products with positive messages: Papaya! Art 

I bought their tote that reads “Dwell in Possibility” (of course), which arrived nestled in floral tissue paper. Inside the box someone had tucked a free sampler of glittery cards. Delightful!


A few months ago at a boutique in San Francisco, I spotted some of Papaya’s giclee canvas prints, and was impressed with how nice they looked grouped together and how they sparkled. Now I’m marveling at the wide variety of products the company offers… magnets, sticky note sets, gift wrap, journals,etc.

How fun would it be to put up one of these Celebration Banners for someone? A pretty big positive message.

Coming soon, gift ideas that deliver a positive message by giving back to those in need.

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