The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?

About the Possibility Box

I hope the Possibility Box will become the place where you might discover positive messages from many sources: Book passages. Songs. Movie scenes. Famous quotations. Inscriptions on artwork, jewelry, T-shirts, tote bags, buildings, landmarks, etc.

Positive messages are everywhere lately. I’m collecting and preparing to share them within The Possibility Book and also maybe here as encouragement for your creative quest. Sources of inspiration and information for aspiring authors, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.

Occasional Positive Message emails are on hold for now, so that I can focus on compiling the best of the best material that I have for you into The Possibility Book.

About Michele

I’m a former writer for television news stations and technology companies, graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and current aspiring author on a quest to write and publish my first book, The Possibility Book.

From my home office between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, I’ve been chronicling the sources of inspiration that are encouraging me on my journey and I hope sharing them could help you to bring your creative possibilities into reality, too.

I enjoy collecting wisdom from quotations, books, songs, movie scenes, viral videos, billboards, home decor, fashions and elsewhere. As I discover positive messages that seem surprisingly appropriate for the moment, I’m stringing these jewels of insights and sometimes, stories of serendipity and meaningful coincidences, into The Possibility Book.

In the early stages of writing The Possibility Book, I debated whether to adopt a pen name. “Ceres” came to mind because it looks similar to my married name. Nearly 20 years ago, my husband gave me a heart-shaped candle that happened to have the word “Ceres” on the tag. I wondered what it might mean, if anything.

It turns out that in Roman mythology, Ceres is the Goddess of the Harvest (not fitting because I can barely grow weeds), but she also represents the love a mother bears for her children.

Considering my little boys were the original inspiration for The Possibility Book, that was a whopper of a coincidence. It seemed like the universe was having some fun, encouraging the writing when it could.