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5 Prettiest Products with Positive Messages, Part 3

This series is becoming more about five places to find some of the prettiest products with positive messages, rather than specific products, and today I’m happy to share this tip about a new place to find that special something for someone who loves quotations or words of inspiration:

Patti Digh’s Designs for Life store.

One of Patti’s books, Life is a Verb, has been particularly influential in my life. It’s also one of the prettiest books I’ve seen with positive messages, like a layer-cake of quotations, colorful artwork, life stories and ideas for “living each individual, glorious, simple day with more intention.” I love this book as a gift idea for a good friend who is having a bad day.

With Patti’s new store, which features products from craftspeople and artisans who are creating beauty and meaning, it seems there is much more to love! Like the Be Happy in Advance poster above and many other posters with positive messages, which are 20% off between now and December 31, 2012.

The mugs also caught my eye because of their attractive design and artistry, and who doesn’t need something positive after waking up cranky and discombobulated?


Interested in other places to find products with positive messages? See other posts in this series about PAPAYA! Art and Kathy Bransfield jewelry. Hope these ideas help with your holiday shopping!

Product photographs courtesy of Patti Digh Designs for Life, LLC.