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Keep Calm and Keep Creating What You Want

 Have you ever wondered how and why so many “Keep Calm” signs are appearing all over the place? Maybe in part because the folks at the official Keep Calm and Carry On store make it pretty fun and easy…

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3 Sources of Inspiration: A Person, Place and Book

Here are a few sources of inspiration that I’ve been enjoying lately. They are helping me to deal with the self-doubts, worries and feelings of overwhelm involved with writing and aspiring to indie publish my first book and growing the Possibility Box…

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Source of Inspiration: Dani Shapiro

This is what my copy of Still Writing by Dani Shapiro looks like after one night of binge reading. Green and yellow sticky-notes sticking out like blades of grass sprouting and rays of sunshine beaming from between the pages. Nothing…

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5 Fave Sources of Inspiration at the Moment

1) My husband’s hat from Kobold Expedition Tools, with the positive message “Embrace Adventure,” which seemed fitting during a challenging family hike in the Northern California redwoods 2) The…

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Are Positive Signs Coming to a City Near You?

If you believe in signs from the Universe, you might be more likely to see an inspiring one this week thanks to Smile Across America. Starting this week, 37 billboards with positive messages from Smile Across America and their partners…

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Positive Signs Seen and Heard Today

One time when I told a friend that I was chronicling and sharing positive messages that I was seeing in the world, she commented, “But what if you run out? Will you find enough positive messages to fill an email…

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Signs of Better Possibilities

One day after receiving news about a family member who is facing a serious health issue, I walked into a store on the Main Street in my hometown and saw this sign. In case you can’t decipher the chalk-written message,…

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Antidote to the Daily News? Natural Beauty

Sometimes I feel sick — literally physically ill — after reading the daily news headlines. How are we supposed to go normally about our business after reading regularly — ad nauseum — about the horrors and lack of humanity in…

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Mash-Up of Positive Messages

  Here are a few noteworthy places where I’ve seen and heard positive messages recently… On artwork that my son decorated and brought home from school, thanks to a project from Only One You by Linda Kranz.          …

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This One Goes Out to Writers Who Want to Write Books Not Blogs and Tweets

I’ve been frustrated by my initial foray into Twitter. Mainly because I cannot #decipher #whattheheck @anyone #issaying. So it struck me as funny when I recently spotted this quotation on a notebook at Target: “Shakespeare never tweeted a sonnet.” As…

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