The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?


The Possibility Book will reveal the adventures of writing and publishing this book, which might come in handy if you want to share your story or launch a creative quest. 

It started when I quit my career and followed my curiosity, which led me to begin jotting down wisdom and writing a book for my kids.

And then I got the crazy idea that the Universe might be conspiring to help me. Sometimes it seemed like inspirational quotations were appearing, encouraging songs playing, and meaningful coincidences happening, precisely when I needed them.

The Possibility Book will dish entertaining tales about serendipity, friends, family and “signs from the Universe”… some funny, others profound, one or two that seem downright impossible. They’re like routine life, suddenly sprinkled with pixie dust, a reminder that everything and everyone is connected.

For inspirational quotation lovers, within this book will unfold a beautiful collection of wisdom, featuring everyone from Buddha to Sinatra and Yoda to Oprah. The Possibility Book will explore the self-doubts, fears, struggles and rejections that first-time authors and creators often must tackle to turn possibilities into realities.

An aspiring author on a quest to become a published one meets Silicon Valley, spirituality, serendipity, the literary world and Hollywood.

For more than five years, I have been writing most of this story privately, but I’m summoning the courage to share more of the material, with the hope that maybe my story could help encourage and inspire you to realize your creative possibilities. 

The mystery is how The Possibility Book will become reality.

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Source of Inspiration: Dani Shapiro

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This One Goes Out to Writers Who Want to Write Books Not Blogs and Tweets

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Source of Inspiration: Sue Shanahan

As an aspiring author writing about the roles of inspirational messages and serendipity in helping me to write my first book, The Possibility Book, I am still astonished about connecting with artist and writer Sue Shanahan, whose heart-warming portraits are…

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Encouraging Signs for Your Quest and Mine

For a long time I have been avoiding writing publicly about the quest to write and publish my first book — The Possibility Book.  I haven’t posted much detail here within the Possibility Box, even though the box is supposed…

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Positive Sign at the Writer’s Digest Conference

Two girlfriends and I took the mini-adventure of a lifetime and traveled to the Writer’s Digest Conference in Los Angeles to pitch literary agents on our book ideas. We stepped outside our regular worlds and our comfort zones, and offered…

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