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Favorite Moments from the Grammys

DSC_0034This photo is obviously not from the Grammys.

But don’t the glasses and jacket kinda remind you of Elton John? He was part of the 2013 Grammys. That’s a big stretch, I know. But it could take forever for me to figure out how to get permission to run a photo from the Grammys.

So this photo of the now famous piano-on-the-cliffs will have to do. Why is there a piano on the cliffs? Excellent question. Under the cover of darkness and fog, an artist moved it there. People have been flocking to this piano like seagulls to Pirate’s Booty. The San Francisco Chronicle has the story.

In other musical news, as promised, some favorite positive moments from the Grammys…

#1) Taylor Swift rocking out – to other people’s music. The Huffington Post doesn’t take such a positive view of her behavior, but I applaud her for enjoying the many dance-tastic moments that the 2013 Grammys presented. Perhaps some other audience members were too uptight and camera-conscious to let loose and have fun. Speaking of fun…

#2) Fun. performing Carry On while getting soaked with water pouring down from above. If they can carry on though that, what can we do?

#3) Loved the Bruno Mars tribute to Bob Marley, especially the Could You Be Loved part.

#4) The announcement of the Grammy’s Music Educator Award. You can nominate your favorite music teacher.

Hmmm. I should call the lovely lady who was my piano teacher decades ago, and thank her, for making possible the incredible experience of playing Debussy and Beethoven on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.