The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to Occasional Positive Message Emails

1) Because if you hope to create something — whether it’s a book, song, screenplay or small business — encouragement could help you keep going despite the naysayers, critics, rejections and roadblocks.

Creative types need all the encouragement we can get. Get it here.

2) Wisdom from sages, inspirational quotations, uplifting songs, movie scenes, viral videos, book passages and other products with positive messages are positively addicting and fun.

3) The smallest of decisions can have the greatest of consequences.

4) Doing something kind for yourself feels good. And puts you in a better place to do something kind for someone else.

5) You have had enough of all the negativity. You want to explore the possibility of making your world more positive.

(Please note Occasional Positive Message emails are on hold for the time being so that I can spend more time compiling the best of the best material I’ve collected for you into The Possibility Book.)