The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?


Has a positive message ever appeared to you in a coincidental way, at a meaningful time in your life? Maybe you spotted an inspirational quotation somewhere when you had been feeling discouraged. Or heard a song that lifted your spirits. Or happened to see a movie scene that helped you somehow.

If you have experienced a positive message that seemed surprisingly appropriate for the moment (or know about products, places, artwork, people, books, songs, etc., with positive messages), e-mail a few details to I might be able to feature your story or idea in the blog or the book.

Curious about my stories? Here are a few among many from The Possibility Book, along with featured guest submissions:

Crazy, Part 1

After beginning to write The Possibility Book, I worried that some people might find the concept – that the Universe is conspiring to help me write the book – to be a little unusual. By “some people,” I mean “my…

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Yes, It Was Literally A Sign

In April 2012, I was riding in the passenger seat of a car, staring out the window at the Pennsylvania countryside rolling by, struggling with a bit of sadness from the past. I didn’t want to dwell there,…

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Message on My Doorstep

In early 2012, only a few people knew about The Possibility Book. The concept was just coming together. For a while, I kept the premise under wraps because I thought that if my friends knew what I was writing, they…

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Encouragement at the Right Moment

  Despite signs that seemed to be encouraging me to write The Possibility Book, I still struggled with the idea. Back and forth. Should I? Shouldn’t I? One minute I was caught up in enjoying what was happening and blissfully…

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