The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?


Places with Positive Messages (aka “quotation locations”)

 Visiting new places can be energizing and thought-provoking… even more so when there are insightful words on the walls. It’s pleasant to find yourself in one of these spots. I like to call them “quotation locations,” and thought it…

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5 Prettiest Products with Positive Messages

Do you feel drawn to beautiful items with interesting quotations?  Me too! Not stuff with preachy cliches, though. I mean, how many times do we need to be reminded to “Live. Laugh. Love.”? What’s next, “Brush. Floss. Flush.”? This is…

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What’s Inside the Possibility Box?

Ideas that can nourish our minds, brighten our moods, and comfort our spirits. Maybe even lift the lid on new possibilities for our lives. Sometimes the box also contains stories about meaningful coincidences. Because every once in a while, a…

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