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3 Sources of Inspiration: A Person, Place and Book

It Is Solved by Walking-3

Here are a few sources of inspiration that I’ve been enjoying lately.

They are helping me to deal with the self-doubts, worries and feelings of overwhelm involved with writing and aspiring to indie publish my first book and growing the Possibility Box platform.

I hope that some of these ideas might encourage you forward on your creative quest, too. I’ve been courting energy and enthusiasm by…

1) Walking in the woods 

AKA “forest bathing” (getting naked not involved), described nicely in this article from The Washington Post. Of course walking in the woods should not be taken lightly. It’s important to know and follow hiking safety tips such as those from the U.S. Forest Service.

Many thought leaders describe how walking helps with thinking. When the woods are too far away, even taking a few steps outside the front door and a stroll around the block can spark a fresh solution to a stubborn problem.

If you’re curious about where the expression “It is solved by walking” originated, the article “Hemingway, Thoreau, Jefferson and the Virtues of a Good Long Walk” by Arianna Huffington contains an explanation.

2) Browsing the Imagine Peace e-book from John Lennon and Yoko Ono  

Many people know about John and Yoko of course, but I wonder how many people know about this e-book. At the time of this writing, it was available to click through at no cost.

It’s filled with quotations and artistry, many of the messages perhaps more relevant than they were years ago. Why more relevant?

Because as Yoko said or wrote in 1972, “Total communication equals peace.” But back then, most people didn’t have access to instantaneous worldwide communications devices. Many people do now.

“You are the media,” Yoko said. That’s much more true today than it was then. 

“We think we have a right to have a say in the future. And we think the future is made in your mind.” — John Lennon  

3) Watching music videos from Michael Franti 

You might have seen his more popular ones — “Say Hey (I Love You)” or “The Sound of Sunshine“…

But have you indulged in “Once a Day?”

If you can’t get enough of that song, there’s even a version where Michael demonstrates yoga moves to the tune.

If you’re attracted to exploring these resources, I hope they might help you to create the goodnesses you want for your life, family, friends, community and our world.

Where are you seeing positive messages in the world and discovering inspiration?

Send a suggestion to and maybe I can feature it in a future post.