The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?

A Few Favorite Sources of Positive Messages

do something croppedEvery week Kevin, the sensei at United Studios of Self-Defense in my hometown, displays a different inspirational quotation on the white board outside his studio. Positive messages like these can matter and make a difference in our lives, if we let them.

Filling our brains with good ideas and our bodies with healthy food, being active, getting enough sleep, and giving kindness to someone else are a few things your future self might thank you for. Some other possibilities:

1) Watch The Short Game

My husband, boys and I LOVED this movie about seven-year-olds competing in the world championship of golf. This SXSW award-winner is so well-crafted and inspiring, and the kids so entertaining, we forgot that watching golf is usually boring.

2) Don’t have two hours? Find a few-minute amusing video to watch (or re-watch), like A Pep Talk from Kid President or the clean version of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. Seeing a grown man grooving¬†in Batman-footie PJs gave me a mood boost.¬†(Thanks, Wendy, for the tip!)

3) Create a Positive Message Board in your home, or just tape up some quotations or pictures that could help you somehow. My mother-in-law gave me this Heart’s Desire Organizer from the Sundance catalog, and it’s a nice way to showcase inspirational cards and photos on your wall.

I’m finding positive messages EVERYWHERE in my world.

Where are you seeing them in yours?

Snap a photo, send me a link. Email me at or post to my Facebook page.