The Possibility Box

What positive messages appeared to you today?

A Worried Mother Walks Into a Bar…

I recently took a trip to NYC to attend the Writer’s Digest Conference in the hopes of pitching my book to dozens of agents. I was nervous from the moment I booked the trip, to the second I stepped on the airplane, to when I arrived in New York. I had worked myself into such a tizzy over this adventure. I was scared to leave my children and even more scared to fail at the conference. After checking into my hotel, I walked across the street into a pub and saddled up to the bar to relax with a glass of wine. I took one sip of wine, a long, deep breath and looked over my shoulder and guess who I saw? My pastor and his lovely wife from our church of over 10,000 members and 500 miles away from home enjoying lunch together. It was just the sign I needed that everything was going to be just fine. It was the perfect start to my weekend!