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What positive messages appeared to you today?

Best Advertisements with Positive Messages?

Peace in the ChaosI appreciate it when companies weave inspiration into their marketing. Like this Oakley ad promoting “Peace in the Chaos,” spotted last summer at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

Time is among our most precious resources. If you’re going to spend some of it looking at a commercial, it might as well have the potential to somehow improve your life, at least maybe in that moment, regardless of whether you buy the product.

I love ads that make you laugh, make you think, boost your mood, change your attitude, build your brain, give you fresh perspective, or help you feel connected.


So which Super Bowl 2013 commercial was the most inspirational and offered the most positive messages?

My personal favorite: the Coca-Cola advertisement that shows security cameras catching people doing positive things. It makes me happy that Coke is promoting happiness.

Runner-up: Taco Bell’s Viva Young ¬†featuring old people sneaking out of a retirement home and whooping it up with a Spanish version of Fun.’s We Are Young.

This is pure genius. It’s like we’ve been given permission to get stoked by We Are Young even if we aren’t young and have no business using the word “stoked.”

What are your favorite advertisements (from the Super Bowl or otherwise) with positive messages? Email me at