The Possibility Box

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Crazy, Part 1

After beginning to write The Possibility Book, I worried that some people might find the concept – that the Universe is conspiring to help me write the book – to be a little unusual.

By “some people,” I mean “my husband,” and by “unusual,” I mean “crazy.”

One night he and I were lingering in the dining room after dinner. I had finally found the courage to show him details about the book.

As I reached across the table to hand him the one-pager… at that very moment… the song Crazy, sung by Patsy Cline, started playing at random on Pandora.  

We laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. Then, a few minutes later, as we were still discussing the possibility of me writing The Possibility Book, Harry Connick Jr. began singing I Could Write a Book.

My husband and I laughed all over again.

First amusement, then bewilderment: that did not just happen, did it? There’s much more to the story, in Crazy, Part 2.